Volume 11 Issue 1
February 2015


Introduction to the Digital Libraries 2014 Doctoral Consortium Issue
By José Borbinha, Dion Goh and Edie Rasmussen - Co-Chairs


Collaborative Construction of Updatable Digital Critical Editions: A Generic Approach
By Vincent Barrellon

Multi-domain Research Data Description: Fostering the participation of researchers in a ontology-based data management environment
By João Aguiar Castro

A framework for interacting FRBRoo/ CIDOC CRM data: With emphasis on heterogeneous needs
By Maliheh Farrokhnia

Designing and Evaluating an Affective Information Literacy Game
By Yan Ru Guo

Speculative metaphors: a design-led approach to the visualisation of library collections
By Georgina Hibberd

Adaptive Search Support for Information Seeking Stages
By Hugo C. Huurdeman

The adoption and Usage of Digital Library Resources by Academic Staff in Nigerian Universities: A case Study of University of Ilorin
By Abdulmumin Isah

Social Network Extraction and Exploration of Historic Correspondences
By Hui Li