Volume 13 Issue 1
April 2017


Web Archiving and Digital Libraries (WADL) 2016: Highlights and Introduction to this Special Issue
By Edward A. Fox, Zhiwu Xie and Martin Klein - Chairs

WADL 2016 Panels: Worldwide activities on Web archiving; Social media, Web archiving, and digital libraries
By Vinay Goel and Daniel Kerchner


InterPlanetary Wayback: The Permanent Web Archive
By Sawood Alam, Mat Kelly, Michele C. Weigle, and Michael L. Nelson

MemGator - A Portable Concurrent Memento Aggregator
By Sawood Alam and Michael L. Nelson

A Library to Manage Web Archive Files in Cloud Storage
By Yinlin Chen, Zhiwu Xie, and Edward A. Fox

Which webpage should we crawl first? Social media-based webpage source importance guidance
By Mohamed Farag and Edward A. Fox

Using the Blockchain of Cryptocurrencies for Timestamping Digital Cultural Heritage
By Bela Gipp, Norman Meuschke, Joeran Beel, Corinna Breitinger

Archiving and Analyzing Tweets and Webpages with the DLRL Hadoop Cluster
By Sunshin Lee and Edward A. Fox

Evaluating Unexpected Change in a Distributed Collection
By Luis Meneses, Richard Furuta and Frank Shipman

Exploratory Analysis of the End of Term Web Archive: Comparing two collections
By Mark Phillips, Dan Chudnov and James Jacobs

We need new names: Applying existing models of Information Quality to web archives
By Brenda Reyes Ayala

Devising Affordable and Functional Linked Data Archives
By Ruben Verborgh, Miel Vander Sande, Harihar Shankar, Luda Balakireva and Herbert Van de Sompel

Nearline Web Archiving
By Zhiwu Xie, Krati Nayyar, and Edward A. Fox