Volume 15 Issue 1
January 2019


Introduction to the 2018 Joint Conference on Digital Libraries Doctoral Consortium Issue
By Oksana Zavalina, J. Stephen Downie and Sampath Jayarathna - Chairs


Theorizing success: A communicological approach for evaluating digital preservation efficacy
By Stephen Abrams

Dual Language Information Seeking in Digital Libraries
By Hany M. Alsalmi

Establishing and Verifying Fixity of Archived Web Pages
By Mohamed Aturban

A Semantically Enriched Recommendation and Visualization Approach for Academic Literature
By Corinna Breitinger

Exploring the Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Various Aspects of Scholarly Peer Review
By Tirthankar Ghosal

Automatic Mathematical Information Retrieval to Perform Translations up to Computer Algebra Systems
By André Greiner-Petter

Improving Collection Understanding in Web Archives
By Shawn M. Jones

Exploring the Knowledge Curation Work of Wikidata
By Timothy Kanke

Bootstrapping Web Archive Collections of Stories from Micro-collections in Social Media
By Alexander C. Nwala

Digital Libraries for Experimental Data
By Susanne Putze

Analyzing Formula Concepts and Patterns to Improve Literature Exploration and Recommendation for STEM Documents
By Philipp Scharpf