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Volume 3   Issue 2
Summer 2007


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Scientific Research Groups, Digital Libraries & Education: Metadata from Nanoscale Simulation Code
By Laura M. Bartolo, Cathy S. Lowe, Sharon C. Glotzer, and Christopher R. Iacovella

Pathways Core: A Data Model for Cross-Repository Services
By Jeroen Bekaert, Xiaoming Liu, Herbert Van de Sompel, Carl Lagoze, Sandy Payette and Simeon Warner

Managing Intellectual Property Issues in a Commons of Geographic Data
By James Campbell, Marilyn Lutz, David McCurry, Harlan Onsrud, and Kenton Williams

Browsing Affordance Designs for the Human-Centered Computing Education Digital Library
By Edward Clarkson and James D. Foley

Unsupervised Structure Discovery for Biodiversity Information
By Hong Cui, Richard M. McCourt, and Monique Feist

How Science Web Sites are Leveraging DLESE Search Web Services to Extend Value to their Users
By Lynne Davis and John Weatherley

Extended XQuery for Digital Libraries
By Alex Dekhtyar, Ionut E. Iacob, Kevin Kiernan, Dorothy C. Porter

On-demand Metadata Extraction Network (OMEN)
By Ichiro Fujinaga and Daniel McEnnis

The Ingest and Maintenance of Electronic Records: Moving from Theory to Practice
By Kevin L. Glick, Eliot Wilczek, and Robert Dockins

ETANA-GIS: GIS for Archaeological Digital Libraries
By Douglas Gorton, Rao Shen, Naga Srinivas Vemuri, Weiguo Fan, and Edward A. Fox

Real-time Collaboration through Visual Search and Voice-over-IP
By Cathal Hoare and Humphrey Sorensen

User Perceptions of a Federated Search System
By Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Rong Tang, and Shanyun Zhang

Exploring Content-Actor Paired Network Data Using Iterative Query Refinement with NetLens
By Hyunmo Kang, Catherine Plaisant, and Benjamin B. Bederson

Teaching Box Builder: Customizing Pedagogical Contexts for Use of Digital Library Resources in Classrooms
By Huda J. Khan and Keith E. Maull

Evaluating the National Science Digital Library
By Michael Khoo

Pilot Testing the DigiQUAL™ Protocol: Lessons Learned
By Martha Kyrillidou and Sarah Giersch

Metadata Data Dictionary for Analog Sound Recordings
By Catherine Lai and Ichiro Fujinaga

Keeping the Context: An Investigation in Preserving Collections of Digital Video
By Christopher A. Lee, Helen R. Tibbo, Dawne Howard, Yaxiao Song, Terrell Russell, and Paul Jones

Automatic Extraction of Table Metadata from Digital Documents
By Ying Liu, Prasenjit Mitra, C. Lee Giles, and Kun Bai

A Curated Harvesting Approach to Establishing a Multi-Protocol Online Subject Portal
By Robert Sanderson, John Harrison, and Clare Llewellyn

MANGAS Infrastructure
By Hugo Manguinhas and José Borbinha

Content-based Video Browsing
By Xiangming Mu

Translated Audio vs. Subtitle: Multi-lingual Collaborative Distance Learning
By Xiangming Mu

SIMPEL: A Superimposed Multimedia Presentation Editor and Player
By Uma Murthy, Kapil Ahuja, Sudarshan Murthy, and Edward Fox

Supporting Biological Information Work: Research and Education for Digital Resources and Long-lived Data
By Carole L. Palmer, Melissa H. Cragin and P. Bryan Heidorn

Analysis of the Bid Behavior of the 2005 JCDL Program Committee
By Marko A. Rodrigue, Johan Bollen, and Herbert Van de Sompel

Indexing Institutional Data to Promote Library Resource Discovery
By Tito Sierra

Interface Design for Browsing Faceted Metadata
By Jonathan Stuart-Moore, Monte Evans, and Patricia Jacobs

ClaimID: A System for Personal Identity Management
By Frederic Stutzman and Terrell Russell

Developing a Metadata Schema for CSERD A Computational Science Digital Library
By Deborah Swain, Jill Wagy, Marilyn McClelland, and Patricia Jacobs

A Performance Support Systems Approach to Digital Publishing in Libraries
By Chuck Thomas and Robert H. McDonald

Selecting Books A Performance-based Study
By Nina Wacholder, Lu Liu, and Ying-Hsang Liu

Visualizing an Enterprise Social Network from Email
By Weizhong Zhu, Chaomei Chen, Robert B. Allen


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