Volume 4 Issue 1
Spring 2008
ISSN 1937-7266


About This Issue
By Lisa Spiro, Editor

Introduction to Posters and Demonstrations from JCDL 2007
By Michael G. Christel, Guest Editor


XML as the Articulation between Information Retrieval and Multimedia in a Musical Heritage Dissemination
By Rodolphe Bailly

Cooperative Collection Building in NSDL MatDL Pathway through iVia Data Fountains
By Laura M. Bartolo, Cathy S. Lowe, Johannes Ruscheinski, and Diane Bisom

Rapid Document Navigation for Information Triage Support
By George Buchanan

A Publisher of Last Resort: Enduring Document Access
By George Buchanan

Fluid interaction for the document in context
By Pierre Cubaud, Jrme Dupire, and Alexandre Topol

FacetedDBLP - Navigational Access for Digital Libraries
By Jrg Diederich and Wolf-Tilo Balke

Dryad: A Data Repository for Evolutionary Biology
By Jed Dube, Sarah Carrier, Jane Greenberg, and Hollie White

Tagging Video: Conventions and Strategies of the YouTube Community
By Gary Geisler and Sam Burns

combinFormation: Information Discovery through the Mixed-Initiative Composition Space
By Andruid Kerne and Eunyee Koh

Evaluating Digital Libraries With Webmetrics
By Michael Khoo

Tagging for Health Information Organization and Retrieval
By Margaret E. I. Kipp

Digital Library Education: Some International Course Structure Comparisons
By Yongqing Ma, Ann OBrien, and Warwick Clegg

Faculty Use of Online Digital Resources in Higher Education
By Flora McMartin

Question-answering and digital collections: tools for online learning within the digital library
By Lorri Mon

ContextMiner: A Tool for Digital Library Curators
By Chirag Shah and Gary Marchionini

Capturing Relevant Information for Digital Curation
By Chirag Shah and Gary Marchionini

From Kinescope to Rich Media: 50 Years (ago) with Mike Wallace
By Quinn Stewart, Grete Pasch, and Rodrigo Arias

Merging Gazetteers
By yvind Vestavik and Ingborg T. Slvberg

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