Volume 5 Issue 1
Spring 2009
ISSN 1937-7266

The Semtinel Platform:
New Approaches for Thesaurus Assessment

Kai Eckert, Heiner Stuckenschmidt and Magnus Pfeffer

Computer Science Institute, University Library
University of Mannheim

Those working with thesauri and documents might ask one or more of the following questions:

  • Does my thesaurus represent my documents well in respect of content?
  • In which way do the assigned subject headings of our library differ from other assignments, for instance from another library or some automated process?
  • Are there subject areas in my thesaurus that need special attention, e.g. because a huge number of documents is assigned to a single concept that needs further differentiation?
  • Are there new trends in the literature that are not yet represented adequately by my thesaurus?

Most of these questions are also posed by people who are concerned with the task of choosing an existing thesaurus or even creating a new one for a special purpose like the support of internal knowledge management in a company.

With the Semtinel Platform, we develop an application that provides answers to the above mentioned questions and addresses the end user working with thesauri as well as the scientist interested in an infrastructure for new analysis approaches and arbitrary experiments.

We demonstrated an early prototype of Semtinel at the JCDL 2008 in Pittsburgh; currently we are on the brink of a release under an open source license. Demonstration videos, further information and a list of related publications can be found at our project website http://www.semtinel.org/.

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