Volume 5 Issue 1
Spring 2009
ISSN 1937-7266


Introduction to Posters and Demonstrations from JCDL 2008
By Lillian Cassel


The Relation Browser Tool for Faceted Exploratory Search
By Robert G. Capra and Gary Marchionini

An Application for Semantic Markup of Biodiversity Documents
By Hong Cui

OER Recommender: Linking NSDL Pathways and OpenCourseWare Repositories
By Joel Duffin and Brandon Muramatsu

DIRECT: Applying the DIKW Hierarchy to Large-Scale Evaluation Campaigns
By Marco Dussin and Nicola Ferro

The Role of the DIKW Hierarchy in the Design of a Digital Library System for the Scientific Data of
Large-Scale Evaluation Campaigns

By Marco Dussin and Nicola Ferro

The Semtinel Platform: New Approaches for Thesaurus Assessment
By Kai Eckert, Heiner Stuckenschmidt and Magnus Pfeffer

The DCC Curation Lifecycle Model
By Sarah Higgins

Exploiting Log Files in Video Retrieval
By Frank Hopfgartner, Thierry Urruty and Joemon M. Jose

Building Federation of Digital Libraries Basing on Concept of Atomic Services
By Cezary Mazurek, Tomasz Parkola, and Marcin Werla

InPhO: A System for Collaboratively Populating and Extending a Dynamic Ontology
By Mathias Niepert, Cameron Buckner, Jaimie Murdock and Colin Allen

Harvesting Needed To Maintain Scientific Literature Online
By Nikolay Nikolov and Peter Stoehr

Evaluation of a Curriculum for Digital Libraries
By Jeffrey Pomerantz, Barbara M. Wildemuth, Sanghee Oh, Seungwon Yang, and Edward A. Fox

A Unique Insight into Department of Energy Research Accomplishments: A Special Collection
By Mary V. Schorn

TubeKit - A Query-based YouTube Crawling Toolkit
By Chirag Shah

Bringing Lives to Light: Lives and Event Representation in Temporal and Geographic Context
By Ryan Shaw and Ray R. Larson

Automatic Extraction of Morphological Information from Botanical Collections
By Xiaoya Tang