Volume 6 Issue 2
Fall 2010
ISSN 1937-7266


Introduction to 2010 JCDL/ICADL Doctoral Consortium Issue
Schubert Foo, Edie Rasmussen, Richard Furuta, and JosÚ Borbinha, Co-Editors


Enhancing the Quality and Trust of Citizen Science Data
By Abdulmonem Alabri

Modelling Argumentation Structures in Scientific Discourse through Context Identification: Towards Intelligent Information Retrieval Systems
By M.A. Angrosh

Retrieving Data from Mind Maps to Enhance Search Applications
By J÷ran Beel

A Contextual Model for the Development of Digital Library Education
By Hung Van Do, Gary E Gorman and Daniel G Dorner

A Topic Modeling Approach to Social Tag Prediction
By Meiqun Hu

Multi-document Summarization of Information Science Research Papers
By Kokil Jaidka

Achieving Semantic Interoperability using Model Descriptions
By Hugo Manguinhas

A Unified Framework for Social Networks
By Robert Meusel

Semantic interoperability in Europeana. An examination of CIDOC CRM in digital cultural heritage documentation.
By Marlies Olensky

Semantic Annotation of 3D Digital Representation of Cultural Artefacts
By Chih-Hao Yu