Volume 8 Issue 1
February 2012
ISSN 1937-7266


Introduction to the 2011 JCDL Doctoral Consortium Issue
Luanne Freund, Edie Rasmussen and Kazunari Sugiyama, Co-Editors


Semantic metadata interoperability in digital libraries: a constructivist grounded theory approach
By Getaneh Alemu, Brett Stevens and Penny Ross

Enhanced memento's aggregator framework to browse the past web
By Ahmed AlSum

Laying the groundwork to investigate scientist's structures and resources in their information environment
By John D'Ignazio

Entity recognition and resolution in semi-structured data
By Nuno Freire

Citation-based plagiarism detection - idea, implementation and evalutation
By Bela Gipp

Leveraging EAD in a semantic web environment to enhance the discovery experience for the user of digital archives
By Steffen Hennicke

Digital library support for public health simulation infrastructures
By Jonathan Leidig

Relevancy in schema agnostic environment
By Muhammad Ali Norozi

Semantic reuse of existing metadata: a model-based perspective
By Naimdjon Takhirov