Volume 8 Issue 2
November 2012
ISSN 1937-7266


Introduction to the 2012 JCDL Doctoral Consortium Issue
Luanne Freund and Mounia Lalmas, Co-Editors


Filling in the Blanks: Archiving Dynamically Generated Content
By Justin F. Brunelle

Enhancing Metadata Assignment in a Digital Library with Background Knowledge
By James Silas Creel

Melting the Affective Poles: A Study of the Interaction of Positive and Negative Affects and their Role in Collaborative Information Seeking
By Roberto González-Ibáñez

The Application of Crowdsourcing and Games to Information Retrieval
By Christopher G. Harris

Understanding Reader-Text Interaction in Active Reading: Implications for Ebook Design
By HyunSeung Koh

Detecting, Modeling, and Predicting User Temporal Intention in Social Media
By Hany M. SalahEldeen

Exploring Data Curation and Management Programs, Projects, and Services through Metatriangulation
By Plato L. Smith II

Characterizing and Enhancing Dual-Process Information Behaviors for Exploratory Search
By Michael Zarro

Citation Analysis and Keyword Mining based on Fulltext Extraction of Scientific Literature
By Jinsong Zhang