Volume 9 Issue 2
December 2013


Introduction to the 2013 JCDL Doctoral Consortium Issue
Sally Jo Cunningham and Edie Rasmussen Co-Editors


Browsing and Recomposition Policies to Minimize Temporal Error When Utilizing Web Archives
By Scott G. Ainsworth

Using Web Archives to Enrich the Live Web Experience Through Storytelling
By Yasmin AlNoamany

Motivations and Expectations for Asking Questions Within Online Q&A
By Erik Choi

Socio-Technical Factors of Scholarly Communication in an Institutional Repository Context
By Nathan Hall

Citation Recommendation via Time-series Scholarly Topic Analysis and Publication Prior Analysis
By Zhuoren Jiang

Measuring the Topic-Level Impact of Experts in Scholarly Network
By Lili Lin

Digital Preservation: a New Approach from Computational Intelligence
By Jose Antonio Olvera

PerCon: Support for Heterogeneous Data Management and Analysis via Mixed-initiative interaction
By Su Inn Park

The Influence of Social Usage Data on Science
By Xin Shuai

Social Digital Libraries: Their Roles Within and Across Social Worlds, Information Worlds, and Communities
By Adam Worrall

Task-Based User Profiling for Personalized Query Refinement
By Chao Xu