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TCDL Bulletin

Message from the Chairman

IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries

By Dr. Erich Neuhold
Director, Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute (IPSI
Fraunhofer IPSI
Darmstadt, Germany

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of the IEEE-TCDL Bulletin. The main aim of this newsletter is to collect original and unpublished scholarly contributions to the world of Digital Libraries, and I want to thank Ms. Bonita Wilson for accepting the task of Bulletin Editor.

The Technical Committee on Digital Libraries was established by IEEE Computer Society in 1997. Since then, it has been active in promoting research in the theory and practice of all aspects of Collective Memory, i.e., the fields of Digital Libraries, Digital Museums, Digital Archives and other digital collections of all kinds. More recently, as many new areas dealing with digital repositories of information have arisen and grown in importance, the originally focused concepts, theories, models and hypotheses, as well as experimental results and measurements have been extended to new fields such as Digital Earth, Digital Sky, Digital Bio, Digital Law, Digital Art, Digital Music and most of all Digital Libraries for Education.

In order to cover this wide range of a "Collective Memory" we encourage everyone who is interested in these subjects, whether they be applied to culture, corporate knowledge, government, or private life, to join the Technical Committee on Digital Libraries (TCDL). Membership to the Committee is totally free, you don't even have to be a member of the IEEE Computer Society to join the TCDL. For more information, see our home page at <> or come through the IEEE Computer Society's home page at <>.

The committee's executive board, featuring distinguished senior researchers and celebrated scientists, is continuously involved in interesting dialogues and fruitful exchange of ideas. For this purpose, the contributions published within the IEEE TCDL Bulletin will serve as a staring point and source for significant discussions.

We trust that you will find the Bulletin useful and look forward to receiving your comments and involvement in future issues.

Copyright © Erich Neuhold