Volume 6 Issue 1
Spring 2010
ISSN 1937-7266

Introduction to ECDL 2009 Doctoral Consortium

Panos Constantopoulos and Nicolas Spyratos

Co-chairs of the ECDL 2009 Doctoral Consortium

Traditional libraries have always served communities of users who find in the library the sources of information they need for their work. Users, in turn, enrich the library with the results of their own work. Digital libraries carry on this tradition in the electronic age and aim at supporting and enhancing the quality of this information exchange.

A digital library acts as a mediator allowing users to access transparently documents in digital form (also referred to as “content”) residing in one or more possibly independent repositories.

A very challenging mission for a digital library is to provide its users with an organized content space and a number of services able to maximize synergies between content providers and content consumers, and boost the knowledge production process. A further ambitious goal for a digital library is to allow publication of documents not only with multimedia content, but also with embedded services and application tools. The next generation digital libraries need to deal with such extended documents.

There has been a tremendous research effort towards these goals in recent years, especially in the U.S. and Europe, with the Delos Network of Excellence leading the way in terms of research initatives on the European scene.

The ECDL Conference was established by the Delos Network of Excellence and this is its 13th edition. In recent years, it has grown significantly in size and broadened in scope, and has now become the leading European conference in the field of digital libraries.

The ECDL Doctoral Consortium (ECDL-DC) has followed the evolution of the main conference and attracts an increasing number of papers of high quality by young researchers. The papers contained in this issue of IEEE TCDL Bulletin have been presented during a special session of the ECDL Conference, in front of a five member panel, and were revised following the remarks and suggestions by the panel members.

We believe that the ECDL Doctoral Consortium is an excellent forum for the presentation of doctoral theses under way, and represents a valuable addition to the main conference.