Volume 5 Issue 3
Winter 2009
ISSN 1937-7266


Introduction to Papers from the 2009 JCDL Doctoral Consortium
By Michael L. Nelson and Megan Winget, Guest Editors


PanAnthropon: e-Knowledge Portal for Digital Humanities toward Semantic Exploration and Visualization of Intellectual, Cultural, & Scientific Connections
By Sofia J. Athenikos

Information Triage: Factors Affecting Credibility Judgments of Web-Based Resources
By Paul Aumer-Ryan

Semantic Indexing for Intention-based Retrieval
By Amitava Biswas

Unsupervised Creation of Small World Networks for the Preservation of Digital Objects
By Charles L. Cartledge

Combining Text and Audio for Mood Classification in Music Digital Libraries
By Xiao Hu

Non-topical Classification for Healthcare Information
By Emi Ishita

Support for Location and Comprehension of User History in Collaborative Work
By DoHyoung Kim and Frank Shipman

Complex Objects in Digital Libraries
By Nádia Puchalski Kozievitch

Personalizing Information Retrieval Using Task Features, Topic Knowledge, and Task Products
By Jingjing Liu

Collaborative Design of Educational Digital Libraries for African Higher Education
By Pauline Ngimwa

Multi-modal Surrogates for Retrieving and Making Sense of Videos: Is Synchronization Always the Best and Necessary?
By Yaxiao Song

Web Resource Categorization Using Social Annotations as Metadata
By Sue Yeon Syn

Characterizing the Quality of Resources in Educational Digital Libraries with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
By Philipp G. Wetzler

Thesis Support Information System (TSIS)
By Seungwon Yang