Volume 6 Issue 1
Spring 2010
ISSN 1937-7266


Introduction to ECDL 2009 Doctoral Consortium
By Panos Constantopoulos and Nicolas Spyratos, Co-chairs


User Interface Patterns for Digital Libraries
By Rike Brecht

Optimal Support for Information Seeking Strategies by Adapting the User Interface
By Matthias Jordan

Investigating and Assisting Interactive Document Triage in Electronic Environments
By Fernando Loizides

Exploratory Web Searching with Dynamic Taxonomies, Results Clustering and Visualization
By Panagiotis Papadakos

Supporting Effective User Navigation in Digital Documents
By Jennifer Pearson

Unraveling the Dynamics of Digital Library Community: A Social Network Analysis approach
By Monica Sharma

Seeking Information in Hybrid Collections: Exploring a New Approach
By Spyros Veronikis

A Global Approach to Digital Library Evaluation Towards Quality Interoperability
By Giuseppina Vullo

A Query Language for Digital Libraries
By Jitao Yang

XML Retrieval for Digital Archives
By Junte Zhang